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The Utah Oil and Gas Conservation Act

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Title 40. Mines and Mining
Chapter 6. Board and Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

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The Utah Oil and Gas Conservation Act
Title 40 - Chapter 6
See Also: The Utah Oil and Gas Conservation General Rules
Chapter (HTML Format) Description
40-6-1 Declaration of public interest
40-6-2 Definitions
40-6-3 Waste Prohibitive
40-6-4 Board of Oil, Gas and Mining created - Functions - Appointment of members - Terms - Chair - Quorum - Expenses.
40-6-5 Jurisdiction of board - Rules.
40-6-6 Drilling units - Establishment by board - Modifications - Prohibitions.
40-6-6.5 Pooling of interests for the development and operation of a drilling unit - Board may order pooling of interests - Payment of costs and royalty interests - Monthly accounting.
40-6-7 Agreements for repressuring or pressure maintenance or cycling or recycling operations - Plan for development and operation of pool or field.
40-6-8 Field or pool units - Procedure for establishment - Operation.
40-6-9 Proceeds from sale of production - Payment of proceeds - Requirements - Proceeding on petition to determine cause of nonpayment - Remedies - Penalties.
40-6-9.1 Payment information to royalty owners.
40-6-9.5 Permits for crude oil production - Application - Bond requirement - Closure of facilities - Availability of records.
40-6-10 Procedures - Adjudicative proceedings - Emergency orders - Hearing examiners.
40-6-11 Power to summon witnesses, administer oaths and require production of records - Enforcement - Penalties for violation of chapter or rules - Illegal oil or gas - Civil liability.
40-6-12 Evasion of chapter or rules - Penalties - Limitation of actions.
40-6-13 Restrictions of production not authorized.
40-6-14 Fee on oil and gas - Payment of fee - Collection - Penalty and interest on delinquencies - Payment when product taken in-kind - Interests exempt.
40-6-14.5 Oil and Gas Conservation Account created - Contents - Use of account monies.
40-6-15 Division created - Functions - Director of division - Qualifications of program administrators.
40-6-16 Duties of division.
40-6-17 Cooperative research and development projects.
40-6-18 Lands subject to chapter.
40-6-19 Bond and Surety Forfeiture Trust Fund created - Contents - Use of fund monies.
40-6-20 Use of surface land by owner or operator.
40-6-21 Mediation.
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