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Utah Production 2021 - by Operator (Sorted by Oil)

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Report is Complete* Through: June 2021

From Production Reports Submitted and Processed as of Oct 18, 2021
CompanyAccount NumberOil (BBLs)Gas (MCF)
Ovintiv Production, Inc.1049213,151,9254,465,741
EP Energy E&P Company, LP1007523,075,81510,340,521
CH4-Finley Operating, LLC1048122,347,8114,011,431
XCL AssetCo, LLC1048731,993,4911,707,436
Elk Operating Services, LLC1043721,447,6623,278,092
Finley Resources, Inc1008131,126,9551,542,392
Wolverine Gas & Oil Company of Utah, LLC102479517,928293,456
Berry Petroleum Company LLC100222449,4493,711,430
Middle Fork Energy Uinta, LLC104506337,40612,303,434
Altamont Energy Operating LLC104421241,324631,577
Bainbridge Uinta LLC104517228,592626,457
Citation Oil & Gas Corp100430187,143170,798
Caerus Uinta, LLC105039169,65935,643,600
EOG Resources, Inc100749125,3747,704,668
Quinex Energy Corp10180884,464542,415
Wesco Operating, Inc10239479,09564,677
NNOGC Exploration & Production, LLC10154943,78728,344
Vaquero Uinta, LLC10514543,322116,191
Wapiti Operating, LLC10237040,8277,113,728
US Oil & Gas Inc10230036,55221,044
Robert L Bayless Producer, LLC10187721,58942,032
Utah Gas Op Ltd10438319,0883,755,762
TOC Oil, Inc10453111,9160
Ashley Valley Operating Company LLC1009289,847660
PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)1043658,6541,792
Seeley Oil Company, LLC1019617,91014,274
Paradox Upstream, LLC1016397,538448,296
Petro Mex, LLC1049175,760388
Matrix Production Company1013444,48112,497
North Shore Exploration & Production, LLC1045693,954431,151
Capitol Operating Group, LLC1043932,275450
KGH Operating Company1011942,17320,625
EnerQuest Operating, LLC1007262,11126,576
Wexpro Company1024391,868687,935
Rim Southwest Corp1018681,7463,302
Delhi-Trading LLC1005811,7391,199
Cobra Oil & Gas Corp1004611,614759,894
Homeland Gas & Oil, Inc1010621,3641,840
Foster Energy Group, LLC1051021,159146
Alberta Gas Company1000261,0531,651
Cochrane Resources Inc10046292223,279
SEP Cisco Dome II, LLC1019658440
Bowers Oil And Gas Inc100273677174
Summit Operating, LLC102095637201,360
Wesgra Corporation1023965210
Running Foxes Petroleum, Inc1019125040
True Oil, LLC1022423674,616
National Fuel Corporation101511365300,223
Linn Bros Oil & Gas Inc1012813590
Foundation Energy Management, LLC100848303175,584
Shiny One Operating Company, LLC101988256342
Webb, Max D1023842330
Arb Energy Utah, LLC104800214488,434
Four Corners Energy, LLC10473117852,005
Beartooth Oil & Gas Co100204110174,408
S O A L LLC1019171060
Skyline Operating Company, LLC102005103764
Stewart Petroleum Corp102078100135,595
Crownquest Operating LLC1005466617,315
Moose Mountain Divide #1, LLC1014725539,248
Drillex, LLC100634460
Weststar Exploration Co1024364133,835
Anschutz Exploration Corporation10436236168,653
Enduring Energy, LLC104322340
Peak Oil Tool101655240
Diversified Energy LLC100610120
SEP NOSR LLC104509271,816
Benson-Montin-Greer Drl10021502,740
Buzzards Bench, LLC10456301,565,773
Coastal Plains Energy Inc1004580288,152
ConocoPhillips Company10050207,724,407
CSV Oil Exploration Co100549022,073
Dolton, Lex L1006180682
IACX Energy LLC101094031,499
Liberty Pioneer Energy Source, Inc1012770316,597
Maximum Energy Corporation101346048
Price River Energy, LLC1048620207,465
Uintah Investors LLC1022670165,409
Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC10471204,599,095
Woosley, James P10248601,809
* These volumes reflect production thru the latest "complete" report period (i.e., at least 98% of wells have been reported on for the month). Production volumes which have been reported for subsequent months are not included here (reports not yet "complete").

Oil volumes are reported in Barrels (BBL) -- 1 BBL = 42 U.S. Gallons
Gas volumes are reported in Thousand Cubic Feet (MCF) -- 1 MCF = 1,000 cubic feet.

Production reports are due to the division within 45 days following the month of production.

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