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Utah Production 2020 - by Operator (Sorted by Oil)

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Report is Complete* Through: August 2022

From Production Reports Submitted and Processed as of Nov 26, 2022
CompanyAccount NumberOil (BBLs)Gas (MCF)
EP Energy E&P Company, LP1007526,510,62219,230,645
Newfield Production Company1015385,302,4178,609,137
CH4-Finley Operating, LLC1048124,906,2168,073,256
XCL AssetCo, LLC1048733,064,1152,606,774
Elk Operating Services, LLC1043723,048,2687,128,366
Finley Resources, Inc1008132,082,4972,915,399
Wolverine Gas & Oil Company of Utah, LLC1024791,171,892625,343
Berry Petroleum Company LLC100222952,9807,560,109
Middle Fork Energy Uinta, LLC104506639,50220,852,876
Bainbridge Uinta LLC104517613,3111,548,984
Altamont Energy Operating LLC104421533,3041,275,906
Citation Oil & Gas Corp100430371,685403,846
Axia Energy II LLC100157358,709310,292
EOG Resources, Inc100749268,45817,656,251
Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore, LP101190234,99754,479,884
Quinex Energy Corp101808222,9501,090,676
Wesco Operating, Inc102394150,304112,229
Caerus Uinta, LLC10503989,75624,638,883
NNOGC Exploration & Production, LLC10154987,98246,022
US Oil & Gas Inc10230074,98744,828
Wapiti Operating, LLC10237042,5375,935,583
EnerVest Operating, LLC10072830,9828,709,395
XTO Energy Inc10249525,0974,971,576
Robert L Bayless Producer, LLC10187724,45225,362
TOC Oil, Inc10453123,9010
PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)10436519,3433,973
Paradox Upstream, LLC10163919,2711,201,738
Utah Gas Op Ltd10438317,4853,321,716
Ashley Valley Operating Company LLC10092817,4212,679
Seeley Oil Company, LLC10196115,60225,073
Matrix Production Company1013448,55817,823
Petro Mex, LLC1049177,5590
EnerQuest Operating, LLC1007266,56583,159
Capitol Operating Group, LLC1043935,778900
KGH Operating Company1011944,52140,228
North Shore Exploration & Production, LLC1045694,302569,849
Delhi-Trading LLC1005814,0294,070
Skyline Operating Company, LLC1020053,3788,912
Rim Southwest Corp1018683,3030
Wexpro Company1024393,1681,521,705
Homeland Gas & Oil, Inc1010623,0715,564
Cobra Oil & Gas Corp1004612,5571,599,952
True Oil, LLC1022422,54527,976
Resource Development Technology, LLC1018482,4048,578
SEP Cisco Dome II, LLC1019652,2180
Running Foxes Petroleum, Inc1019122,1190
Weststar Exploration Co1024361,597356,536
Cochrane Resources Inc1004621,41932,828
Anschutz Exploration Corporation1043621,218470,473
Summit Operating, LLC1020951,056104,284
Richardson Operating Company1018611,0330
Drillex, LLC10063495520
Wesgra Corporation1023968380
Foundation Energy Management, LLC100848826400,683
Foster Energy Group, LLC1051026270
Alberta Gas Company1000265621,140
Webb, Max D1023845320
Shiny One Operating Company, LLC1019885211,615
Crownquest Operating LLC10054650640,551
Bowers Oil And Gas Inc100273441186
Linn Bros Oil & Gas Inc1012813170
Beartooth Oil & Gas Co100204175348,041
Stewart Petroleum Corp102078149175,349
Woosley, James P1024861330
National Fuel Corporation101511120433,616
S O A L LLC1019171170
Peak Oil Tool1016551100
ARB Energy Utah, LLC10480078976,298
Pride Ventures LLC101760300
Rockies Standard Oil Company101884190
Moose Mountain Divide #1, LLC1014721558,811
Negaunee, LLC10153090
Benson-Montin-Greer Drl10021505,560
Buzzards Bench, LLC10456303,398,771
Coastal Plains Energy Inc1004580573,814
ConocoPhillips Company100502016,277,353
CSV Oil Exploration Co100549049,811
Dolton, Lex L10061804,257
IACX Energy LLC101094022,777
Liberty Pioneer Energy Source, Inc1012770639,973
Maximum Energy Corporation101346022
Price River Energy, LLC1048620376,075
SEP NOSR LLC1045090229,360
Uintah Investors LLC1022670372,075
Urban Oil & Gas Group, LLC10471209,914,537
* These volumes reflect production thru the latest "complete" report period (i.e., at least 98% of wells have been reported on for the month). Production volumes which have been reported for subsequent months are not included here (reports not yet "complete").

Oil volumes are reported in Barrels (BBL) -- 1 BBL = 42 U.S. Gallons
Gas volumes are reported in Thousand Cubic Feet (MCF) -- 1 MCF = 1,000 cubic feet.

Production reports are due to the division within 45 days following the month of production.

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