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Utah Coalbed Methane Gas Production by Field (past 5 years)

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Report is Complete* Through: June 2021

NOTE: Coalbed Methane wells are classified as Gas Wells in the state of Utah. The production shown here is included in the state's published natural gas production volumes. The first coalbed methane production in Utah occurred in 1987.

From Production Reports Submitted and Processed as of Oct 24, 2021
Fields20212020201920182017Cumulative Lifetime Production
BUZZARD BENCH1,023,8812,259,0022,416,6592,610,1882,788,076101,834,009
CLEAR CREEK 000002,461
DRUNKARDS WASH7,871,80316,614,00517,619,08418,968,90120,405,5501,047,887,929
SOLDIER CREEK 0000049,644
WILDCAT 000001,112
* These volumes reflect production thru the latest "complete" report period (i.e., at least 98% of wells have been reported on for the month). Production volumes which have been reported for subsequent months are not included here (reports not yet "complete").

Gas volumes are reported in MCF (1 MCF = 1,000 cubic feet).
Production reports are due to the division within 45 days following the month of production.

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