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Drilling Permits Approved


Effective 2/12/2018, the entire permit is now being made available in these PDF files. Please be aware that this is a one-time snapshot of the APD. If amendments are made to a permit, they will not be shown here. A review of the permit information in our Data Mining application (datamining.ogm.utah.gov) should reveal any significant modifications that are made to a permit. Also note that only actual down-hole work performed is considered confidential by DOGM rules (Rule R649-2-11). The Application for Permit to Drill (APD) is NOT considered confidential.

Date Posted to WebDate ApprovedAPD NumberCountyOperatorWell NameWork TypeWell TypeCurrent StatusFieldSurface LocationQtr QtrSectionTownshipRangeUTM NorthingsUTM EastingsLatitudeLongitudeElevationPlanned Depth (MD)Proposed ZoneDirectional/ HorizontalConfidential Well?
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