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Welcome to Utah's Electronic Production Reporting System

For Gas Plant Reporting

What is it?

GETTING STARTED (Registration)...
Batch Submital
Guidelines for Submitting Report Amendments
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Utah eReport was developed under the leadership of the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In the background, it uses an XML data schema (eReport3_5.xsd) developed nationally with input from many oil and gas producing states to transfer data over the internet. GWPC is making this system available to any state that is interested, but Utah is one of the original program development locations.

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GETTING STARTED (Registration)...

To register as a user of Utah eReport:
  1. Go to the following web address: http://ogm.utah.gov/Utah.ereport/cfm/login.cfm
  2. To register,
    • click on "self-register here"
    • enter your user login information
    • click on "Add New User"
  3. Enter the system by using your new login name and password.
  4. Click on "Edit My Profile".
  5. At the far right, select the company for which you will be reporting and click on the "Add Company" button. Repeat if you will be reporting for additional companies.
  6. Log out of the system by clicking on "Logoff eReport".
  7. Send an email message to kathyasmith@utah.gov to let us know you've completed the registration process.  Also let us know what report month you intend to submit first so we can make sure everything in our database is in order.  Call (801) 538-5301 if you need assistance.
  8. We will notify you once your registration is approved.
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Gas Plant Batch Submittal

This option allows users to submit large report batches without having to manually enter their data. Operators who have the ability to export data directly from their databases into CSV files can then upload the files easily and quickly into eReport. This can be done by following these steps:

NOTE:  Prior to submitting batch reports, the operator must create its own Excel or CSV files for forms 13A and 13B. Please follow these guidelines to assure that your files are properly formatted:

Batch Formatting Guidelines

  1. Once you have received notification that your registration has been  approved (see "Getting Started (Registration)" above), log back into the eReport website at http://ogm.utah.gov/Utah.ereport/cfm/login.cfm.
  2. Go to "Batch Submital" in the Menu and click on the '+' sign.
  3. Click on "UPLOAD Batch Reports".
  4. Browse for and select the disposition and production CSV files that you previously created from your data for the desired report period.
  5. To submit your files, click on the "Submit Files" button. Large files usually take several minutes to process.
    -- If your report passes a series of validation checks, your report will be submitted to the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining. 
    -- If your report fails the validation checks, a list of problems will be shown.  Go back to your CSV files, make the necessary corrections, save the files, and then resubmit them by again clicking on the "Submit Dataset" button.  Call (801) 538-5301 for assistance.
  6. Once your report has been accepted, you may exit the program by clicking on the red "X" in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. You can check the status of any of the reports you have filed thru eReport by clicking on "Check My eReport Status" in the Menu, entering the desired operator and report period, and then clicking on the "Review" button.

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Attempts by operators to make amendments to previously filed reports occasionally result in complications and errors.  Click here for some guidelines to making report changes.

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